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Arrested for DUI in Fulton County, Georgia? Need a Fulton County DUI attorney familiar with the Fulton County Police Departments and State Court? With over 40 years of combined experience defending DUI arrests, George C. Creal, Jr., P.C. are the Real Deal Fulton County DUI Attorneys. We know the State Court of Fulton County. We know the Judges, the Prosecutors, and the various Police Departments operating in Fulton County, and they know we are able and willing to fight for each and every one of our clients' rights. For more information on a strong DUI defense, visit our Helpful GA DUI Guide.

Dedicated Fulton County DUI Lawyers Determined to Fight for Your Interests - Aggressive DUI Representation You Deserve:

We have handled thousands of DUI cases, had hundreds of DUI arrests reduced to reckless driving and other non-DUI traffic offenses, and tried over of one hundred DUI Jury Trials to Not Guilty verdicts on all DUI charges. Unlike other Johns Creek DUI lawyers, we have valuable Not Guilty Jury Trial Experience, which is rarer than you might realize. Ask other lawyers when was the last time they heard a jury say the words "Not Guilty" in a DUI Trial. You will be surprised how many so-called "expert DUI lawyers" cannot give you a straight answer.


If it's the First Time or Next Time, it's Always Good to be Prepared. Even if you're not technically DUI, if there is an odor of alcohol on your breath you are likely to be arrested and taken to jail. If the police cannot arrest you for DUI per se (blowing over 0.08), they'll most likely arrest you for DUI less safe: blowing under the legal limit, but being "less safe" to drive because of the presence of alcohol or drugs. In the end, don't panic and provide as little evidence as possible... more

For Our Firm, Client Communication is Essential:

We do not hesitate to give you our office numbers, cell phone numbers, and email address. If you call, text or email us about your case, we will contact you as soon as possible and never in more than 24 hours. We understand you are nervous about your Fulton County DUI charges, but with our firm you can relax. We represent a diverse group of DUI and traffic clients every single day throughout the State of Georgia and always ensure that our clients receive the care and respect they deserve. Our goal is that at the end of your case you feel confident recommending us to your closest friends and relatives. For our firm, customer service is priority number one.

With One Click or Call We Can Begin Working on Your Fulton County DUI Case: Online Case Evaluation or (404) 333-0706

You can meet us in person at our office or we can start your case over the phone or internet. We know you are busy and we value your time. We will take care of your DUI case so you can get back to what matters in life: work, friends, and family. Our first consultation is always free and we will send an ALS DUI license hearing request letter for free as long as you pay the Georgia Department of Driver Services' $150.00 filing fee. In order to request a hearing, these letters must be sent within ten business days of your arrest, so please contact us quickly if you would like us to send a letter.

We handle all Georgia DUI cases including those with or without breath and/or blood test results, refusals of blood, breath or urine, and cases with or without Standardized Field Sobriety Evaluations. We have handled DUI accidents and DUI fatalities, DUI drugs, fleeing and eluding police, marijuana possession, and felony and misdemeanor obstruction. Believe us, there is no set of facts our Fulton County DUI attorneys haven't seen at least once. Our DUI defense procedure is highly refined and has proven over time to be a formula for success. We do not miss critical facts and seize even the most difficult DUI acquittals.

THE TYNDALL EFFECT: How Airbags Can Make Breath Tests Inaccurate

An exploded airbag in a crash testWe've handled many cases in which one of our clients has had a couple of drinks and gets into an accident. Many times, if the police suspect that a driver has ingested any amount of alcohol, he or she will be arrested for DUI. For better or worse, the circumstances of a car accident make assessing standard investigatory evidence confusing. Before beginning a formal DUI investigation, police usually notice the odor of alcohol emitting from an individual's car, glassy eyes, slurred speech, and a unsteady demeanor. Considering the anxiety and adrenaline produced during almost any type or car accident, the physical and mental condition of any driver involved may mirror the initial signs of DUI. Individuals may also be so shaken up as fail or be unable to perform their field tests, and misunderstand the importance their Implied Consent Rights. In addition, there is the Tyndall Effect. more.

A Fulton County DUI is Serious and Can Result in Jail Time, Fines, and Lengthy License Suspensions - DO NOT Try to Represent Yourself:

Under Georgia law for a first DUI you can be fined up to $1000.00 with 40% tacked on as court costs, spend up to 12 months, do 40 hours community service, be subject to drug and alcohol testing for one year and serve 12 months of reporting probation. Your license can be suspended anywhere from 120 days to 5 years. Do not try to handle your DUI without an experienced Fulton County DUI attorney.

Advice as to who you decide to hire as your Johns Creek DUI lawyer: 1) Don’t hire a DUI lawyer based solely on price. Sometimes the cheapest lawyer--especially if they plea you to a DUI you don't deserve at the first opportunity--can be the most expensive. Cost per hour is the best way to compare lawyers. If a lawyer charges $1000, but only spends an hour on your case, that's $1000 dollars an hour! We, unlike bargain basement firms, spend an average of 10 hours on every DUI case. 2)  Ask any attorney that you speak with whether he/she has tried any DUI jury trials and how many not guilty verdicts he/she has received in the past 2 years; 3)  Ask any attorney that you speak with whether he/she has studied police field sobriety training manuals and breath test machine, owner's and area supervisor's manuals. If not, they cannot adequately cross examine DUI police officers or breath test operators. A DUI lawyer who can't answer these questions is not ready for a real DUI jury trial and is not worth your time and money.  

A Fulton County DUI lawyer is standing by. Call TODAY (404) 333-0706 or email us at to for a FREE CONSULTATION,


1) Client:  Natalia H.

Review Title: "Very Pleased!"

Review: "The Court hearing was held at the Fulton County State Court. As soon as State made a statement about not being able to reach the officers and that he was not in law enforcement anymore, George immediately asked for the case to be dismissed. State and the Judge granted the dismissal.",

2) Client : A.P.

Review Title: "My first recommendation to any friend!"

Review: "I was charged with Financial Card Fraud, Computer Theft and possessing weapons on university campus property. Although this was the first time I needed a lawyer, I can honestly say that George Creal was confident that the charges could be fought and this made me confident and provided some peace of mind during [a] trying situation. He got me a pre-trial divsersion program offered and my entire case dead-docketed all during the preliminary hearing, which was a great relief. ",

3) Client:  "Jessica D."

Review Title:  "Devoted to my Future!"

Review: "George Creal represented me in a DUI case in Fulton County. I felt George took a personal interest in my case and my future and truly was devoted to providing the best legal counsel and representation possible. my case never went to trial and my charges were reduced to reckless driving.",
4) Client: Phil J.

Review Title:  "Both Professional and Personal in his approach!"

Review:  "Eric Bernstein was very professional in his approach but also showed genuine concern on a personal level that made him a pleasure to do business with. He always had 
time for questions and responded the same day keeping any fear or anxiety I had at bay. Great experience for us at a reasonable price.",
5) Client: Christopher J.

Review Title: "Knowledgeable and Effective!"    

Review:  "Mr. Creal handled my case with professionalism. He helped me avoid jail time and retain my driving privileges. He was knowledgeable and effective. I would highly recommend him.",

6) Client: Mike D.

Review Title:  "Prompt and Responsive!"

      Review:  "George did a very thorough job explaining the entire DUI process. He managed the case with patience adn adapted his strategy as necessary. We were very pleased with the outcome (case dismissed). George understands the need to keep his clients informed and provides quality customer service.",

7)  Client: Anonymous 

Review Title: "My first Lawyer!",

Review "George Creal was the first lawyer I ever hired. He represented to me in a way I was 100% satisfied, and always had my best interest at heart. Without George, I would be in more trouble than I could deal 

with today. Although I felt my case took forever, I feel it was worth every penny to hire George Creal. "      

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is a trial lawyer with 18 years of courtroom experience. He is one of only 6 Atlanta DUI lawyers with both an AV Preeminent rating from and a 10.0/10.0 Superb rating on He has over 100 "not guilty" verdicts under his belt and has forged indispensable relationships with police, judges and prosecutors all over the State of Georgia in order to benefit his clients' defense.
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