Historical Georgia DUI Information

Georgia DUI convictions are down 56% since 2008 going from 44017 to 19208 in 2019.  First DUI conviction decreased 55% from 36841 in 2008 to 16610 in 2019. Second DUI Convictions shrank 64% from 6332 in 2008 to 2298 in 2019. Third DUI convictions were down 65% from 844 in 2008 to 300 in 2019. Third DUI convictions comprised only 1.5% of total Georgia DUI convictions. Second DUI convictions were only 14% of total Georgia DUI convictions. First DUI convictions comprised the overwhelming majority of DUI convictions with 86% of total Georgia Convictions.  First DUI are much more likely to go to trial and receive acquittals or have the charges reduced from DUI to a traffic offense such as reckless driving, so the number of first DUI arrests are likely much higher.


Georgia DUI Convictions from the Georgia Department of Driver Services versus FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Georgia DUI Arrests. License suspension data is obviously more accurate than Police Agency self-reporting because the numbers do not add up.