Reducing Your DUI to Reckless Driving


Can a DUI be dismissed? Yes
Can I keep my license? Yes
Will it be affordable? Yes

Georgia DUI to Reckless Driving

Many clients ask if they should try to get their DUI charges reduced to reckless driving? Here are some pros and cons to getting a DUI charge reduced to reckless driving:


  • A reduction to Reckless Driving is technically a win as the DUI charge is dismissed.
  • There is no mandatory drivers license suspension with a Reckless Driving conviction, just 4 points on your license.
  • There is no mandatory minimum punishments with a Reckless Driving conviction like there are with a DUI conviction.
  • The impact on your insurance premiums is greatly reduced with a Reckless Driving conviction.
  • A Reckless Driving plea can avoid the stress, additional time, and cost associated with a jury trial.
  • Jury trials are inherently risky and a Reckless Driving plea is a sure way to avoid a DUI conviction.


  • A Reckless Driving plea can include probation, community service, expensive fines and often carry the same punishments as a DUI except the DUI moniker on your record.
  • A DUI arrest will still be on your criminal history even if your case is reduced to Reckless Driving. Your criminal history will show “arrest: DUI” and “disposition: reduced to reckless driving” in most cases.
  • A Reckless Driving conviction will save your regular driving license but can still ruin the career of a commercial truck driver.

Generally speaking a Reckless Driving is a win in a DUI case but not for everyone. Each arrest has to be judged on a case by case basis.

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