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There is a Giant Hole in the accuracy of Standardized DUI Field Sobriety Evaluations

September 4, 2015.  I was listening to an episode of Econ Talk on Econometrics and the thought occurred to me of whether anyone had done a regression analysis on Standardized Field Sobriety Evaluations field studies which is the first and most basic step in the Statistical analysis of any data to analyze patterns, causation, and other […]

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Myth: You don’t need a lawyer in a DUI case

You may inadvertently invalidate any legal defenses you have to a DUI by even appearing once in Court without a lawyer. Just ask Desmond Preston. In Preston v. State, A14A0028, Court of Appeals of Georgia, June 12, 2014, Desmond Preston show up for court without a lawyer. He was told he had to file all motions […]

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If I bind my case over to a higher court -will I be required to go to jail and post a new bond?

If I bind my DUI or other traffic cases over to a higher court for a jury trial from a municipal court or a probate court in Georgia, will I be required to go to jail again and post a new bond? NO. O.C.G.A. 40-13-23 titled, “Waiver of jury trial; withdrawal of waiver” provides in pertinent […]

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Runaway Grand Jury investigating District Attorney’s Cover up of Intoxilyzer (State Administered DUI Breath Tests) inaccuracies

A Houston Grand Jury is investigating the District Attorney’s cover-up and retaliation of employee whistleblower surrounding inaccurate readings of Houston Police Departments Breath Alcohol Testing Vehicles or BAT Mobiles purchased in 2008.  Despite District Attorney protests they were kicked out of Grand Jury proceedings and threatened with arrest by the Grand Jury foreman if they […]

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How a cell phone or a text message can give you a DUI

Watch this video where a cell phone causes and Intoxilyzer 5000 to register a .253

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Why economic theory tells us that the legal limit for DUI of 0.08 is dangerous and should be raised

The law of diminishing returns is a fundamental principle of economics which is defined as: The for a continuing effort toward a particular goal to decline in effectiveness after a certain amount of success has been achieved. (economics) A relationship between input and output, such that adding units of any one input labor, capital, etc.) to fixed […]

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Do DUI Standardized Field SobrietyTests Convict the Innocent?

A Colorado Doctor claims that DUI Standardized Field Sobriety Tests convict 3 out of 4 innocent people.  DUI Standardized Field Sobriety Tests include the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, the 9 steps Walk and Turn, and the One Leg Stand. The Doctor compares the accuracy of the DUI standardized field sobriety test with courthouse security metal detectors.  […]

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Are Atlanta and Georgia DUI police officers required to read Miranda Rights at a DUI traffic stop?

The answer is yes and no. Georgia DUI arrestees like all criminal suspects possess a right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves. These are most commonly known as Miranda rights but come from the Fifth Amendment rights of the United States Constitution, rights under the Georgia Constitution, or rights under O.C.G.A. 24-9-20. See O’Donnell […]

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