What to Look for in a DUI Lawyer


Can a DUI be dismissed? Yes
Can I keep my license? Yes
Will it be affordable? Yes

How do I Hire the Best DUI Lawyer?

A Real DUI Lawyer will have recent Jury Trial Experience. Ask any DUI Lawyer when was the last time they received a "NOT GUILTY" verdict from a Jury after a DUI Jury Trial
A Real DUI Lawyer will have the police training manuals on Field Sobriety Evaluations, the Breath Testing Operators Manual, and the Area Supervisor Training Manual. If the "DUI Lawyer" does possess these basic materials how can they adequate represent you in Court.
You want to hire a DUI Lawyer that will be with you from the first telephone interview and at every major court appearance. Many "DUI Lawyers" you contact will simply pass you off to someone you don't know and didn't hire after they receive your money.
A Real DUI Lawyer will have a Peer Review rating on Martindale-Hubbell or Avvo.com confirming that they have the experience you need to win your DUI.
A Real DUI Lawyer will give you their email and cell phone numbers as well the office number so you can stay informed and so you can contact them if an emergency arises. You are paying for access to legal advice.
A Real DUI Lawyer will treat you the way they would want to be treated if they were arrested for DUI. Don't settle for a "puppy mill" DUI defense where you are just a number or a file.
A Real DUI Lawyer is someone you would be comfortable standing up for you and speaking for you in Court. A DUI Lawyer job is to protect you from the prosecutor and has a plan to minimize any penalties at the point that you have to stand before a Judge for punishment. Plan A is always to win your case, but you need a plan B in case you get convicted a DUI.