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Have you been arrested for DUI charge in Sandy Springs, Georgia? We are an experienced. professional, expert DUI attorneys knowledgeable of the inner workings with the Sandy Springs Municipal Court and Fulton County Justice System? With over 30 years in the courtroom defending DUI arrests, George C. Creal, Jr., P.C. are the Real Deal Sandy Springs DUI Attorneys. We know how to get results for our clients in the Sandy Springs and Fulton County Justice Systems. We know the Courts, the Judges, the Prosecutor, and the Police, and they know our reputation for wining and willingness to fight for each and every one of our clients’ rights to the fullest extent allowed under law. Sandy Springs Municipal Court Information.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHSTA) training manuals in DUI Detection and Field Sobriety Evaluations are the ultimate authority in DUI investigations and are utilized by Police agencies all over the United States. These manuals are central to our evaluation of your DUI defense and provide us with outline of how we can win your case. We have thoroughly studied these manuals and leverage our superior command of the NHTSA Manuals to establish through the State’s own witnesses how DUI Standardized Field Sobriety evaluations are unreliable, inaccurate, and abused by police. We expose the weaknesses present in every Georgia DUI investigation in order to prove your innocence. For more information on a strong DUI defense, visit our Helpful GA DUI Guide.

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We have handled 1000s of DUI cases, had 1000s of DUI arrests reduced to reckless driving and other non-DUI traffic offenses, and tried hundreds of DUI Jury Trials to not guilty verdicts. Unlike other Sandy Springs DUI attorneys, we have valuable Not Guilty Jury Trial Experience, which is rarer than you might realize. Ask other lawyers when was the last time they heard a jury say the words “Not Guilty” in a DUI Trial. You will be surprised how many so-called “expert DUI lawyers” cannot give you a straight answer.

Hiring an Sandy Springs DUI Attorney

For Our Firm, Client Communication is Essential

We do not hesitate to give you our office numbers, cell phone numbers, and email address. If you call, text, or email us about your case, we will contact you as soon as possible and never in more than 24 hours. We understand you are nervous about your Sandy Springs DUI arrest, but with our firm, you can relax. We represent a diverse group of DUI and traffic clients every single day throughout the State of Georgia and always ensure that our clients receive the care and respect they deserve. Our goal is that at the end of your case you feel confident recommending us to your closest friends and relatives. For our firm, customer service is priority number one.

You can meet us in person at our office or we can start your case over the phone or internet. We know you are busy and we value your time. We will take care of your DUI case so you can get back to what matters in life: work, friends, and family. Our first consultation is always free and we will send an ALS DUI license hearing request letter for free as long as you pay the Georgia Department of Driver Services’ $150.00 filing fee. In order to request a hearing, these letters must be sent within ten business days of your arrest, so please contact us quickly if you would like us to send a letter.

We handle all Georgia DUI cases including those with or without breath and/or blood test results, refusals of blood, breath, or urine, and cases with or without Standardized Field Sobriety Evaluations. We have handled DUI accidents and DUI fatalities, DUI drugs, fleeing and eluding police, marijuana possession, and felony and misdemeanor obstruction. Believe us, there is no set of facts our Sandy Springs DUI attorneys haven’t seen at least once. Our DUI defense procedure is highly refined and has proven over time to be a formula for success. We do not miss critical facts and seize even the most difficult DUI acquittals.



1. Refusing a Blood or Breath Test is Not an Admission of Guilt: Georgia law only provides for a presumption of the presence of a prohibited substance in your system if you refuse to take a State-Administered Blood or Breath test in a DUI case.
2. If You Refuse the Test You Will NOT Definitely Lose Your License for One Year: …

How to Hire a Lawyer for an Sandy Springs DUI

An Sandy Springs DUI is Serious and Can Result in Jail Time, Fines, and Lengthy License Suspensions – DO NOT Try to Represent Yourself

Under Georgia law for a first DUI you can be fined up to $1000.00 with 100% tacked on as court costs, spend up to 12 months, do 40 hours community service, be subject to drug and alcohol testing for one year and serve 12 months of reporting probation with a $40 to $50 dollar a month supervision fee. Your license can be suspended anywhere from 120 days to 5 years. Do not try to go court on your DUI without an experienced Sandy Springs DUI attorney.

Advice as to who you decide to hire as your Sandy Springs DUI lawyer: 1) Don’t hire a DUI lawyer based solely on price. Sometimes the cheapest lawyer–especially if they plea you to a DUI you don’t deserve at the first opportunity–can be the most expensive. Cost per hour is the best way to compare lawyers. If a lawyer charges $1000, but only spends an hour on your case, that’s $1000 dollars an hour! We, unlike bargain basement firms, spend an average of 10 hours on every DUI case. 2)  Ask any attorney that you speak with whether he/she has tried any DUI jury trials and how many not guilty verdicts he/she has received in the past 2 years; 3)  Ask any attorney that you speak with whether he/she has studied police field sobriety training manuals and breath test machine, owner’s and area supervisor’s manuals. If not, they cannot adequately cross examine DUI police officers or breath test operators. A DUI lawyer who can’t answer these questions is not ready for a real DUI jury trial and is not worth your time and money.  

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Sandy Springs Municipal Court Information

The Sandy Springs Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction handing non-jury cases only, traffic offenses, and misdemeanor crimes like DUI arrest and possession of marijuana less than an ounce. The Municipal Court’s duties include:


1) Conduct arraignments for all defendants charged with applicable traffic and criminal misdemeanors in the City of Sandy Springs. Defendants or their attorneys may enter a plea or negotiate a settlement in their cases. All other Felonies and certain criminal non-traffic and non-marijuana misdemeanors are prosecuted in the Fulton County State Court.


2) Conduct bench trials for those defendants who have pleaded “not guilty.” A bench trial is tried by a Judge as opposed to a jury and the judge will render a verdict of guilty or not guilty after the trial.  There are no second chances at trial only appeal. Appeals are lost more than 90% of the time so the trial is a vital and important right and opportunity to win your case. Jury trials can only be conducted in Fulton County State Court.


3) The Sandy Springs Municipal Court is now conducting virtual court via Zoom. Virtual Court can be scheduled by email at [email protected].


The municipal court is located on Roswell Road north of I-285 and south of the Northridge Exit on Ga 400 in the Morgan Falls Business Park.

The City Solicitor in Sandy Springs is Leslie M. Donaho. She is typically assisted by several assistant city solicitors who appear in court with Ms. Donaho.

The Sandy Springs Police Department is located at the other end of the back of the business park or the South end. The Sandy Springs Police Department is where you can obtain police incident reports, DUI supplemental reports, and police videos if you have an approved request from the Solicitor.

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