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New Federal Bill would create a national standard for Marijauna DUI driving

A new bill introduced in Congress would create a national standard for DUI Marijuana and threaten any states that failed to comply with a suspension of federal highway funds. So much for states’ rights.  Polis who introduced the bill is a Democrat but it will be interesting to see how Republicans who are traditionally States Rights […]

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GA Legislature Passes Internet Mugshot dot com law

The Georgia Legislature passed a law prohibiting the publication of Mugshots on websites for commercial gain. Many websites that publish mugshots data mined from Sheriff’s department websites have set up a system where they charge the arrested person $150 or more to remove their picture. The websites are very adept at optimizing their website so […]

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SB 236 License Suspension Reform

On January 1, 2013, the license suspension reforms outlined in Georgia Senate Bill 236 will go into effect. We’ve provided a synopsis of the new law below. For the first DUI conviction in 5 years or a first Administrative License Suspension resulting from a Per Se DUI charge, but not a suspension for an ALS […]

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HB 1176 – Criminal Record / Expungement Reform / Fee Increase

This is our first post in a series discussing the criminal justice reforms enacted in House Bill 1176 and SB 236 and how those reforms will affect DUI prosecution and defense in Georgia. First,  HB 1176, deals with a criminal record, expungement, and court fines and costs. Before HB 1176, which will take effect July 1, […]

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So much for States rights and unfunded mandates: Congress considers legislation mandating breath testing devices on the cars of all DUI offenders

Mandatory DUI Interlock devices or alcohol detectors for vehicles for all DUI offenders and eventually universally? Two United States senators have introduced a bill titled the “Drunk Driving Repeat Offender Prevention Act of 2011” which would require that States pass mandatory alcohol breath testers on the vehicles of all DUI offenders laws or face a […]

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Georgia Requirements for Persons taking DUI School Courses out of state

The Georgia Department of Drivers Services (hereinafter “DDS”) will accept DUI School certificates from the states below as listed and the Out of State DUI School Program must be in an in-person classroom setting and not online or over the internet and certificate must state several hours completed for the DUI school course. Georgia law […]

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Georgia Super Speeder Law hits the books January 1st. 2010

On January 1st, 2010, O.C.G.A. Sec. 40-6-189, hits the law books commonly known as the Super Speeder law. The Super Speeder law provides that drivers who are convicted of driving 75 miles per hour or greater on a two-lane road or 85 mph or greater on any other road are classified as Super Speeders. Super […]

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