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GA Legislature Passes Internet Mugshot dot com law

The Georgia Legislature passed a law prohibiting the publication of Mugshots on websites for commercial gain. Many websites that publish mugshots data mined from Sheriff’s department websites have set up a system where they charge the arrested person $150 or more to remove their picture. The websites are very adept at optimizing their website so they rank high in Google search results. This means that if you are arrested and photographed a simple Google search of your name will many times show your mugshot on the first page of search results. This has become quite a lucrative business. I have had potential clients that have told me that they have paid over $1000.00 removing mugshots from these commercial websites.

The law makes it illegal for persons who have their charges dismissed, are found not guilty, or have their records restricted by a law enforcement agency or court to be published if the person requests removal. The law can be read here.  As of April 24, 2013, Governor Nathan Deal has not signed HB 150 into law despite overwhelming support in the legislature.

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