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Georgia Requirements for Persons taking DUI School Courses out of state

The Georgia Department of Drivers Services (hereinafter “DDS”) will accept DUI School certificates from the states below as listed and the Out of State DUI School Program must be in an in-person classroom setting and not online or over the internet and certificate must state several hours completed for the DUI school course. Georgia law requires a minimum of 20-hour program certificates meeting requirements at the end of this article.

  1. Alabama: Lev I (12) Lev II (24)
  2. Arizona: Lev I (16) Lev II (32)
  3. Colorado: Lev I (12) Lev II (24)
  4. Connecticut: Lev I (15) Lev II (22.5)
  5. Delaware: Minimum 16 Hours
  6. Florida: Lev I (12) Lev II (21)
  7. Hawaii: 12 Hours PRI ONLY*
  8. Indiana: Lev I (12) Lev II (20)
  9. Iowa: Lev I (12) Lev II (20)
  10. Kentucky: 20 Hours PRI ONLY*
  11. Maine: 20 Hours PRI Only*
  12. Maryland: Minimum 12 Hours
  13. Michigan: Impact Weekend Program Only (22)
  14. Mississippi: Minimum 12 Hours
  15. Missouri: Lev I (10) Lev II (20)
  16. Montana: Minimum 12 Hours PRI ONLY* effective 9/1/2010
  17. New Hampshire: 22 Hours
  18. New York: 16 Hours PRI ONLY* effective 3/31/2010
  19. North Carolina: Lev I (16) Lev II (20) PRI Only*
  20. North Dakota: 16 Hours PRI ONLY*
  21. Oklahoma: Lev I (10) Lev II (24)
  22. Rhode Island: 12 Hours PRI Only*
  23. South Carolina: 16 Hours PRI Only
  24. Tennessee: Lev I (12) Lev II (16) PRI ONLY* effective 1/1/2011
  25. Texas: Lev I (12) Lev II (32)
  26. Utah: 16 Hours PRI ONLY*
  27. West Virginia: Lev I (18)
  28. US Military: Accept Certificates for active-duty only; do not accept dependents, retirees, or Veterans.


*PRI (Prevention Research Institute/ Prime for Life) is a Curriculum

If the state or program above is not available to the customer, the following requirements apply:

  • 20 Hours minimum of classroom education (DUI, Drug Use, Risk Reduction, etc)
  • Can’t attend the same program twice for a total of 20 hours. May attend different programs to total 20 hours.
  • School must be approved by the state in which it is located.
  • Original certificate or letter on approved school/agency letterhead must include:
    • State-approved or contains a state seal
    • Number of hours completed
    • Type of program and program completion date
    • Name, address, and telephone number of school/agency
    • Signature of a program official
    • Customer name (DOB and license number helpful but not required)
    • Refer customers to their state’s DMV agency or yellow pages to locate state-approved schools. They should look for Substance Abuse, DUI, Risk Reduction, etc.
    • Do not refer customers to a supervisor or Regulatory Compliance to locate an approved school in another state. GA DDS does not maintain lists that certify programs in other states.
    • State customers with multiple DUIs -Must also complete the DUI Intervention Program (TREATMENT) with the GA Department of Human Services. Refer these customers to (404)657-6433 or (404)657-2339.

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