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Myth: You don’t need a lawyer in a DUI case

You may inadvertently invalidate any legal defenses you have to a DUI by even appearing once in Court without a lawyer. Just ask Desmond Preston. In Preston v. State, A14A0028, Court of Appeals of Georgia, June 12, 2014, Desmond Preston show up for court without a lawyer. He was told he had to file all motions within ten days of his court date. Desmond said he was going to hire a lawyer because in “DUI and Drug cases lawyers need to file all kinds of motions.” Desmond waited a month to hire a lawyer. His lawyer filed motions for evidence and to suppress illegally obtained evidence which was summarily denied as being untimely. The Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of Desmond’s motions. Illegal or not now he probably has a DUI or Drug conviction he might not have deserved legally.  Get ready to get handcuffed.

-Author: George Creal

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