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Even I’m Not that Good: .413 and Lived is a Record!

Recommendation: medical attention and rehab

Man falls on head during sobriety test

Largo, Florida — Largo Police responded to a crash at Huntington and East Bay. Police say 55-year-old Alfredo Villada Martinez made a U-turn in front of another vehicle and caused the crash. Police say Martinez’s actions and responses afterwards demonstrated impairment. Martinez kept asking the officer why he was pulled over and had no idea he had been in a crash.

While attempting to do a field sobriety, he bent forward and pitched head first into the sidewalk. He was transported to Largo Medical Center for treatment, since he indicated he was not well after his fall.

At the hospital, his blood alcohol content registered .413! A person is considered impaired at .08 in the state of Florida. He was likely to be admitted, so the officer got consent to take legal blood and charges are pending results of that test.

This is Martinez’s 4th DUI charge.