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Mad Mothers Impeach the Jury: A post from Fayette Citizen Free Speech page

There was a case in State Court last week that went before a jury trial where a man was charged with a DUI in Georgia and two counts of child endangerment with his children in the car, interfering with police and driving without a license. This person refused a breathalyzer and refused to cooperate with law enforcement officers while they were trying to conduct field sobriety tests.

The police officers testifying had video footage of his arrest clearly indicating his impairment but he was still found not guilty of all charges except driving without a license. So, is there any justice? Can we all just refuse a breathalyzer? It appears the court system is eliminating our efforts of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

In a letter to Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “I believe trial by jury is the only anchor yet imagined by man which can hold a government to the principles of its constitution.”  The jury, in this case, held the government to the Constitution.  The jury held the State to its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  The jury found the person not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of less safe driving.  Apparently, Mad Mothers would propose eliminating our right to refuse the test, have jury trials, and be presumed innocent.  Apparently, the jury did not find the video coverage so indicative of impairment.

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