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After False Arrest, Oregon County Commissioner on Crusade to Change DUI Field Sobriety Tests for Seniors

After a False Arrest for DUI of Oregon County Commissioner, he seeks to change field tests for drivers over 65 years of age as the standardized DUI Field test are unfair. On the way home from a workout at the gym, the County Commissioner was pulled over by police for weaving and not using his blinker. But before the Commissioner knew what was happening he was walking a line and standing on one leg. His crime was being a senior citizen. He couldn’t walk a line and couldn’t stand on one leg to the Officer’s satisfaction so he went to jail. He blew a .00 which was later confirmed by a blood test resulting with a 0.00 BAC and no drugs in his system. The Commissioner thinks that these tests discriminate against older Americans whose can’t walk a balance beam like Mary Lou Retton or do the stork kick like the Karate Kid. The problem with NHTSA DUI Field Sobriety Evaluations is they discriminate against anyone with poor physical coordination. You can end up going to jail for being clumsy. Does that mean your unsafe to drive and should be taken off the road. The discussion is going on right now in the Williamette Valley in Oregon.

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