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AOL Jobs discusses 9 ways a Georgia DUI can cost you your Job

On January 21, 2014, AOL Jobs discussed nine ways that a DUI arrest or conviction can get you fired at work or otherwise cost you a job.  The consequences of a DUI arrest are not always obvious. We have over 27 years of combined experience at George C. Creal, Jr., P.C., Trial Lawyers, dealing with the consequences of a DUI in Georgia.  A DUI arrest can be a minefield and you need an experienced DUI Attorney who knows where the danger lies. Some examples are suspended or limited driving privileges, the ability to rent a car when traveling for work, getting on an airplane with proper ID, being denied entry into some foreign countries, employer policies that require reporting arrests or automatically terminate for arrests, missing work due to court or probation, insurance repercussions from a DUI, professional licensure, educational opportunities denied due to arrest, background checks in job applications, commercial drivers license disqualification due to DUI convictions or administrative license suspensions.

-Author: George Creal

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