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Even Lawyers need heroes and this one is mine

Lawyer Heroes

Kimberly Motley is an American lawyer fighting for the rule of law in Afghanistan, of all places, and without a hijab, niqab, or burka. If you think you got bad it bad in your jurisdiction, court, or before your hypoglycemic judge just before lunch, you don’t even know adversity.  We need lawyer heroes more than ever these days and this lady is a hero.  She is on a quest for justness and what justness means to her is using the rule of law for its intended purpose, which is to protect. The role of laws is to protect, and not to inflict grossly disproportionate and sometimes illegal punitive measures in the name of retribution.  Retribution and retaliation are bronze age ideals and even modern educated people are susceptible to such tribalistic backsliding. Keep fighting the good fight and we will continue to be inspired to be better and do more good.
-Author: George Creal