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Faulty Breathalyzer could throw out 865 DUIs in California

A manufacturer’s defect could result in 865 DUI arrests being thrown out of court in San Jose California.  The Alco-Sensor V breathalyzer is believed to have produced erroneous results as a result of condensation from breath building up in the breath tube. Alco-Sensors are used in Georgia DUIs for preliminary breath screening as positive or negative only for alcohol and not for a given numerical breath result, but Georgia DUI police and prosecutors often use the “Alco” result in deciding whether to arrest DUI suspects on the side of the road or reduce their cases in court from a DUI to reckless driving.  In Georgia, we recommend that you refuse all breath or blood testing to win your DUI case. However,  a refusal could result in an administrative license suspension under certain circumstances.

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