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Georgia State Patrol to start DUI task force along Interstate I-20

New GSP Nighthawk Unit is formed to patrol I-20 East

September 18, 2014. The Rockdale Citizen reported the Georgia State Patrol (hereinafter GSP) announced the formation of a new DUI task force of GSP Nighthawks to patrol Interstate I-20 from Conyers to Georgia State line in Augusta and the 21 counties in between. This new Nighthawk unit will supplement the Nighthawk North Unit which patrols from Atlanta to Athens; Nighthawk South which patrols Savannah and the surrounding counties, and Middle Georgia Nighthawks which patrols from Macon to Columbus. Designated GSP Troop E, the troopers will deploy at least once a month for concentrated patrols and roadblocks in the 21 county area stretching from Conyers to Augusta on Interstate I-20. The GSP Nighthawks are highly trained DUI specialists with hundreds of hours of training focusing on the detection of alcohol and drug impairment. They generally are highly professional, disciplined, and efficient and make worthy adversaries for even highly skilled DUI defense attorneys.  You do not want to go to court without a seasoned DUI specialist attorney in your corner.  #DUI #DUITASKFORCE #GSPNIGHTHAWKS #ROCKDALEDUI #NEWTONDUI

-Author: George Crea

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