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Georgia DUI Breaking News: Rumors suggest big DUI campaign in Atlanta November 17-20, 2011

Atlanta Georgia DUI Roadblock warning November 17-21, 2011

Rumors are spreading that Atlanta and law enforcement state-wide will converge on Atlanta this weekend November 17-21, 2011 for a large-scale DUI Roadblock sweep.  The Atlanta DUI Sweep will include roadblocks and DUI saturation patrols particularly for Buckhead and the Virginia Highlands area.  Use extreme caution and make sure your insurance, license, and registration are updated.  Do not drink and drive as police are on the lookout for B.O.B. (beer on breath), and BOB will go to jail whether he is DUI or not.  The best way to win a DUI charge is to politely refuse unreliable field tests and state chemical tests.  If you refuse to take the breath or blood test, you may lose your license but an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer can usually prevent a hard license suspension if contacted within 10 business days of arrest.

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