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Georgias Operation Zero Tolerance for Constitutional Rights

WSAV reports that the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is commencing OPERATION ZERO TOLERANCE. This means to prepare for DUI saturation patrols, random stops for tag light violations and weaving within the lane after 10 pm, and Constitutionally suspect DUI Road Blocks, Operation Zero Tolerance for Holiday Cheer is in full swing. Operation Zero Tolerance will continue from December 18th, 2013 through the New Year. These operations can occur anywhere in the State: Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Augusta, or a neighborhood near you. Don’t take a chance. Take a cab or use on your smartphone. If you do get pulled over the less you do the better. But remember if you refuse the State Administered Breath test or Blood test it could mean license consequence or even Blood draw warrants in some jurisdictions. Generally, it is easier to beat a DUI without a breath or blood test as most people are not drunk at or around the legal limit and the State has to prove actual impairment if there is no admissible blood test or breath test.

Call 404-333-0706 if you are arrested. You have just 10 business days from arrest to save your license.

– Author: George C. Creal Jr.

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