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How life imitates art, a man dressed as a DUI breath test device is arrested for DUI

According to a police report for the City of Oxford Police Department in Ohio, a Halloween reveler, James Miller of Cincinnati, found himself in a scary situation and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence or as they say in Ohio OVI while disguised as a DUI portable alcohol breath test device.

He was observed driving the wrong way out of the entrance to a one-way street.  Officers placed him under arrest for DUI.  Officer found what was left of a case of bud light and multiple Ohio ids in his wallet.  Mr. Miller is 20 years old.  In Georgia, portable breath devices are only admissible as positive or negative for the presence of alcohol.

The Devices are approved by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for initial breath screening only and not for a numerical result as the portable devices are not deemed scientifically reliable.  The approved devices are Alcoyzer manufactured by Intoximeter Inc;  the Alco-Sensor IV and the Alco-Sensor III and RBT utilizing the Alco-Sensor II, Alco-Sensor IV and Alco-Sensor FST manufactured by Intoximeter, Inc., the A.L.E.R.T. system manufactured by Alcohol Countermeasures System, Inc., the CMI Model SD-2 manufactured by Lion; the CMI Model SD-5, Intoxilyzer Model 300 and Model 400 manufactured by CMI, Inc.; the Lifeloc Model FC10  Alcohol Analyzer manufactured by Lifeloc Technologies.  Atlanta Georgia DUI lawyers generally recommend that you not give a breath sample if you are stopped for suspicion of DUI because proving someone is less safe because of alcohol consumption is difficult.