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Iowa Man Blows Whopping .627 on Breath-Test Machine, Stuns Police

In late September a DUI arrest wowed officers in Iowa when the suspect in question blew a .627 BAC on a State-administered breath test. Multiple officers confessed that the result was the highest reading they had seen in their entire careers, some spanning 20 years. According to one officer, he was told in DUI training that an individual with a BAC of over .40 percent is considered clinically dead. The suspect in question was pulled over after someone called in a driver slamming into curbs and swerving violently. Police reported that the individual couldn’t walk or even get out of his vehicle. When asked where he was, the individual said he was at home. When asked what day it was he said it was “three, but now it is four.” One officer summed it up nicely: the whole situation was “just mind-boggling.”

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