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Jersey State Legislator Paul Moriarty Plays Part of “Arrestee” in DUI Production

A familiar “DUI” plotline: An individual turns onto a street. Moments later a cop pulls him/her over for failure to yield. The individual has had nothing to drink but is asked to perform field sobriety tests and then arrested for DUI. Paul Moriarty, a New Jersey legislator, played the arrestee in such a production recently, asserting that “the entire episode was an abuse of power.” Moriarty claims that he had gone out to lunch and all of the sudden was pulled over by a police officer who said he cut him off. After disputing the claim, Moriarty was ordered from his car and submitted to field sobriety tests after which he was arrested for DUI. On the record, Moriarty made clear that he had not ingested any alcohol. And we thought this type of thing only happened in Georgia.

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