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Judge gives 1st time DUI Offenders 14 to 30 days in Jail or more!

The Detroit Free Press reported on a Judge who despite enjoying the occasional glass of wine will subject first-time DUI offenders to 14 to 30 days in jail despite overwhelming research that harsh jail time on DUI offenders does not reduce DUIs and costs local governments an extraordinary amount of money. Most people don’t realize that even a first-time DUI offense can result in serious jail time. In Georgia, you can receive up to a year in jail for a speeding ticket. Georgia DUI laws require first-time DUI offenders to serve at least 24 hours in jail.  The most severe jail sentences for first-time DUI offenders in metro Atlanta are probably in Rockdale County where offenders receive four days in jail on a first DUI offense plea.  Do not take it for granted that you won’t get jail time on a DUI even a first offense.

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