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Macon Telegraph reports DUI convictions down 26 percent since 2008

February 4th, 2015. The Macon Telegraph reports that DUI convictions are down from 44,017 DUI convictions in 2008 falling to 32,514 in 2013. The causes are debated. Some suggest more people are refusing the test which makes convictions more difficult. Some suggest that is a reporting problem. Others claim that it is because of budget cuts to state, county, and municipal police forces.  There is no state-wide database on DUI arrests. As a DUI attorney that tracked DUI arrests in the five-county Atlanta metro area from Sheriff’s websites and open records requests, I can tell you that DUI arrests directly correlate with police on the street.  Gwinnett County would consistently post DUI arrests in the 120-160 range per week while by comparison, Atlanta would record between 30-60. This is especially true now that Atlanta has disbanded its DUI Taskforce.  Additionally, because of the draconian punishments associated with DUI convictions and disproportionate consequences of DUI convictions, more people are taking their cases to jury trials where common sense prevails and political hysteria takes the backseat.  In one county courtroom of the last 35 jury trials, the state has won just 4 cases.  Yet, trials in this courtroom are rare as the Judge has reportedly given 6 months in jail after a 1st lifetime DUI conviction.

-Author: George Creal

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