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New Study indicates that heavy drinkers perform less well than non-drinkers even when sober on field sobriety tests!

September 15, 2011: A new study published today in the Journal of Alcoholism concludes that even when controlled for age, heavy drinkers have persistent balance and coordination impairment even after sobering up when compared to non-drinkers.  The study was performed in Honolulu, Hawaii by Neurobehavioral Research Inc.  The study utilized over 200 volunteers. Seventy of these volunteers who had been heavy drinkers but had been sober for six to fifteen weeks performed worst on the 3 tests which were similar to the tests used by police on DUI suspects in field sobriety evaluations.  This means that DUI field sobriety evaluations can not accurately measure alcohol impairment for heavy drinkers. The study appears in the Journal of Alcoholism.

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