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New Virginia Law Cracks Down on DUI First Offenders. Is Georgia Next?

6 weeks ago the Virginia State Legislator passed a bill requiring all convicted first-time DUI offenders to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed in their car. The device requires an eight-second breath test completely free of alcohol before the car will start. According to Governor Bob McDonnell, the bill was enacted in part because of decreasing rates of repeat offenses and drops in alcohol-related fatalities and injuries in states where similar bills have been passed. Of course, if you get one DUI and are required to get an IID installed in your car, it will be much harder to become a repeat offender. Is this reform due to hit drivers convicted of a first DUI in Georgia anytime soon? Probably not considering the various criminal justice reforms regarding DUI enacted by HB 1176 and SB 236 and due to take effect through July 2012-2014. For better or for worse, first-time Georgia DUI offenders will not be saddled with an IID requirement…yet.

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