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San Francisco TV News Investigative Report: DUI Field Tests are not accurate

A San Francisco Local News Investigative Reporter recently uncovered that DUI field tests are not accurate. After uncovering a police videotape where the Officer admits that even he can’t do the DUI Field Sobriety tests he is requesting of the person he is pulling over.  This report discovers what DUI Defense Attorneys have known for years.  DUI Field Sobriety evaluations are good at detecting drunk drivers, old drivers, overweight drivers, uncoordinated drivers, drivers with high heels on, nervous drivers, cold drivers, and sober drivers.  I have personally seen a police officer fall over while demonstrating the one-leg stand in a DUI jury trial.  DUI Field Tests are like metal detectors at the airport and the courthouse.  They are great at detecting knives and guns but also loose change, car keys, belt buckles, pens, watches, etc.  The investigative report stopped random sober drivers to perform the tests in a non-scientific demonstration and many sober drivers could not pass the tests. The truly frightening thing is that police officer use these tests to put people in jail.

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