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The top 14: MADD scolds states that refuse to trample on the rights of their citizens in DUI enforcement

CBS News ran a story regarding the MADD’s list of 14 states with “lax’ DUI enforcement by ranking them based on the presence or absence of draconian DUI laws. Constitutional horrorshow includes:

  • Police Roadblocks – What about the Constitution we have spent the last 200 years bleeding for? No room for liberty in the nanny state.
  • Immediate confiscation of Driver’s License – so much for the presumption of innocence – driving is a privilege, not a right?
  • Does forced blood draw by police of person who refuses to take a DUI chemical test of breath or blood-like vampire movies?
  • Enhanced penalties of the person stopped with children in their car – gender bias in alcohol breath testing anyone?
  • requiring non-specific for alcohol, inaccurate, not admissible in court as unreliable alcohol breath test devices to be installed on any vehicle driven by persons arrested or charged with DUI.  Junk science is good enough for government work.

How about a list of the top 14 states that will stand up for the rights of their citizens despite overwhelming lobbying from special interests.

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