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Thrillist Gives the Inside Scoop on Jail Food published a story on January 10th, 2014 about Jailfood.  This is a topic that our clients are always curious about but rarely experience.  So we thought we would link to this article to keep them informed or they could just ask the clients of other lawyers. We know that the new Clayton County Jail in Jonesboro is famous for its stale bread, a slice of bologna, and watery grits. The inmates have that grey pallor of the walking dead from bad or a lack of food and no sunlight to prove it. The old Clayton County Jail in Lovejoy was a working farm where the inmates ate fresh produce and meats they raised and grew themselves. Better food, cost less, healthier, learn a trade, and how to feed your family without stealing? Who really benefits from buying jail food from 3rd party food and healthcare vendors like Haliburton? Dick Cheney?  But you say, jail should be punished and not enjoyable. Isn’t being locked up bad enough? And sometimes innocent people go to jail.   And Jail is where the presumptively innocent wait for their day in court if they can’t afford a bond or are from out of town and can’t get a bond. There but for the grace of God go thee and me.  Basic human rights should be a right and a family value.

-Author: George Creal

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