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Why is Justin Bieber still smiling after a 45 Thousand Dollar DUI Arrest

The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch posed the question of why Justin Bieber is still smiling after a DUI arrest on January 23, 2014? The answer is that despite the fact that a single DUI arrest can cost you $45,000.00, Justin Bieber can make that amount of money in 2 minutes selling t-shirts before one of his concerts. The lion’s share of that cost is found in increased automobile insurance premiums over 13 years. Given the fact that Justin likes to drag race Lamborghinis on residential side streets, his insurance premiums may cost him closer to $450,000.00. At least hiring a good attorney will be easy and facing that kind of downside will make the $100,000.00 attorney’s fee retainer for a crack legal team a sound investment to defend him from Judges and Prosecutors in court and the media.  Seems like Justin is flying a little too close to the sun with wings of feathers and wax. Just ask Icarus, it’s a long way down.

-Author: George Creal

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