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Blanchard v State – ineffective assistance of counsel – hire an expert – DUI Diabetes

Blanchard v. State, 13A1082, October 18, 2013. This is an appeal from a DUI jury trial in the State Court of Chatham County in Savannah Georgia. On appeal, Defendant alleged that it was ineffective assistance of counsel not to hire an expert witness to testify about his diabetes and how his diabetic condition could mimic […]

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FULTON COUNTY STATE COURT: Asleep at the Wheel – Refusal – Client Diabetic: Found Not Guilty of DUI

The client was asleep at the wheel on Jonesboro Road near I-285 East with the car in drive in the City of Atlanta, Fulton County. When the police approached his vehicle, our client was reportedly disoriented, had glassy eyes, and smelled of alcohol. When prompted, the client said that he had had one beer around […]

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