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Williams v. State – Roadblock policy must be Constitutional for roadblock to legal

Williams v. State, S13G0178, October 21, 2013. In a DUI arrest from Macon, Georgia, a  Bibb County DUI roadblock was declared Unconstitutional by Georgia Supreme Court because the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department policy sanctioned roadblocks for general crime deterrence.  The Bibb County Sheriff’s Department policy stated, ” Vehicle Roadblocks- Vehicles may also be stopped at […]

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WILLIAMS v. STATE – A12A1116 – Free Roadblocks For Everyone! – Constitutional Constraints on Illegal Sobriety Checkpoints Go Through the Wringer

At around 2:00 a.m. officers of the Bibb County Police “HEAT” unit stopped James Williams at a roadblock. The officers observed that Williams was intoxicated and arrested him for suspicion of DUI. On appeal, Williams does not argue the factual findings of the court but contends that the trial court erred when it denied his […]

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DUI Probable Cause: State v. Encinas

DUI Probable Cause: State v. Encinas, A09A2151, (February 12, 2010).  The Court of Appeals affirmed the finding by the Trial Judge in Bibb County State Court in Macon, Georgia that there was no probable cause to arrest Mr. S. Encinas for DUI. The Trial Judge found that Encinas was driving 70 in a 55 mph zone, […]

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