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Green v State – DUI bench trial – Asleep at the wheel

In Green v. State, A13A1260, September 11, 2013.  the Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed in part and reversed in part the judgment of the Trial Court Judge in the Houston County State Court from a DUI arrest arising out of Warner Robins, Georgia. Defendant Green was found asleep at the wheel of his running car parked […]

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Walker v. State – Fourth Amendment Seizure – Just Walk Away

Walker v. State, A13A0444, Court of Appeals of Georgia, decided July 12, 2013.  When The James Gang sang to “just turn your pretty head and walk away,” they surely weren’t encouraging Ernest Walker to do so in the face of a police officer.  However, that’s more or less what Mr. Walker did, well he ran away after an […]

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Felton v State – A12A0244 – July 3 2013 – Pat Downs are not automatic

Felton v. State, A13A0244 – July 3, 2013. Hands Off Officer! – Marijuana Suppressed After Illegal Pat-down – Houston County, Warner Robins, Georgia.  A “heated verbal argument” between a Houston County woman and a man, later identified as Jermoris Felton, was witnessed by a concerned citizen who called the police.  Upon the arrival of the […]

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Rowell v. State, A11A1231, November 15, 2011: Blow correctly or go to jail is not custody for purpose of Miranda

Rowell v. State, A11A1231, November 15, 2011: Laura Rowell was stopped for DUI in Houston County, Georgia after slamming on brakes and stopping past the stop bar at a red light. She appealed the Houston County Georgia Trial Court’s denial of her motion to suppress evidence at a motion hearing.  The Court found that there […]

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