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Brown v State – more than 13 miles too far for independent test

Brown v. State, A15A1425, Affirmed (November 13, 2015). Raymond Brown was arrested for DUI in Lawrenceville, Georgia in Gwinnett County. Officer Long of the Lawrenceville Police Department stopped Brown after observing him driving erratically. Officer Long performed standardized field sobriety evaluations and arrested Brown for DUI. He read Brown’s statutory Georgia Implied Consent Breath Testing […]

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Smith v State – the Rule of Sequestration – its not just for breakfast anymore

In Smith v. State, A13A1441, October 3, 2013, the Georgia Court of Appeals found that rule of sequestration of witnesses, where one witness can not watch another witness testify, applies to both jury trials, Judge trials, and preliminary motion hearings in Georgia DUI cases.  At the Trial Court in the Gwinnett County State Court in Lawrenceville, […]

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