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State v Conner – A13A0371 – Georgia DUI Roadblocks – No Cones – No Signs – No problem

THE STATE v. CONNER, A13A0371, Court of Appeals of Georgia, July 3, 2013. On Appeal by the State after the granting of a motion to suppress an illegal, unconstitutional roadblock, the Court of Appeals reversed the trial court ruling by the Cobb County Trial Court finding that the roadblock at issue was not well identified. […]

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Puckett v. State – A13A0264 – Expert Witness – Rule of Sequestration

Puckett v. State, A13A0264, May 17, 2013. This case deals with DUI Expert Witnesses and the Rule of Sequestration during a DUI jury trial in Cobb County State Court located in Marietta, Georgia. Under O.C.G.A. 24-9-61 repealed on Jan 1st, 2013 by the new Georgia Evidence Code, either party has the right to have the […]

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Cobb County, Marietta DUI: Why you should never represent yourself in a slam dunk DUI case

Steed v. State, A11A0318, Georgia Court of Appeals, May 11, 2011. Evidence-Hearsay-Res Gestae Exception, Judges-Commenting on the evidence. Ellery Myron Steed was arrested for DUI in Marietta, Georgia DUI. He tried his Cobb County DUI Case in front of a jury of six in the Cobb County State Court. On July 11, 2009, Steed was […]

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