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The Real Cost of DUI: Insurance Premiums

Every aspect of a DUI is costly except the most pivotal part: the drinks. A night out with friends that ends in DUI can cost upward of $7000.00 to $10,000. A big chunk of that cost is insurance premiums. breaks down how auto-insurance companies treat DUI convictions.

After a DUI most states require that your insurance company file a SR-22 form, which is used to verify your coverage. Some states, like Florida, also require that people have certain policy limits that may raise their premiums despite the fact that insurance companies already consider post-DUI drivers as high risk.

According to an article in the SunSentinel, residents of Florida convicted of DUI can expect their car insurance will almost double or jump an average of 86 % after the first year and rise an average of $5,525 over seven years according to a recent study highlighted by the article.

So, on top of attorney’s fees, court costs, fines, missed work, license suspensions, and criminal records, there is the possible double-whammy of higher insurance liability limits and premiums. Considering that someone can be convicted of DUI on circumstantial evidence alone, the post-DUI revenue stream is particularly troublesome.

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