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The Real Cost of DUI: Insurance Premiums

Every aspect of a DUI is costly except the most pivotal part: the drinks. A night out with friends that ends in DUI can cost upward of $7000.00 to $10,000. A big chunk of that cost is insurance premiums. breaks down how auto-insurance companies treat DUI convictions. After a DUI most states require that your insurance […]

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Another unexpected consequence and cost of a Georgia DUI, you thought you had health insurance? Think again.

This is a true story but the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Your child has a single-car accident. S/he hits a tree.  He was injured and taken to a hospital. The police come to the hospital and take blood.  S/he is under 21 and has blood alcohol of .022.  This is one […]

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Action News Reports That a DUI Plea Will Cost You On Average $10,000

Think a DUI arrest will cost you about $1000 if you just plead guilty without a lawyer. Think again. ABC action news reports that a DUI arrest can top $10,000 with a plea including jail time and a lifetime criminal record following you on every application for school and job opportunities. If you can’t afford […]

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How much is my DUI in Atlanta, Georgia going to cost?

Fox Five did a story on December 30, 2009, on the cost of an Atlanta DUI. Each year in Georgia about 200,000 people are arrested for DUI.  In the five-county Metro Atlanta area, there are more than 20,000 arrests each year.   They concluded that a DUI will cost on average about $10,000.00. That means that […]

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