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House Bill 907 aims to increase Drunk Driving in Atlanta

There is a new Bill in the Georgia House aiming to increase Drunk Driving! It is House Bill 907, commonly known as the bill.  Creative Loafing recently ran a story on it in its February 6, 2014 issue. Uber is a phone app that allows you to order a town car or suv for trips around Atlanta.  The service is clean, efficient and cashless as all riders have to register a credit card online with Uber. The drivers do not take tips and there is no cheating the computer independently calculates the cost of the trip which is charged on your credit card.  The passenger then must rate the driver from 1 to 5 stars. Many of my clients tell me that they would rather risk a DUI than take a cab in Atlanta. If you want to prevent Drunk Driving call you legislative representative and tell them not to mess with Uber and to vote against HB907.

-Author: George Creal