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Paranoid Pet Parrot narcs on his DUI owner

A paranoid pet parrot gave up his owner to Mexico City Police during a DUI stop by repeatedly saying “He’s drunk, He’s drunk.”  Police returned the favor by letting the Parrot go to jail with the DUI driver so he would not die from the stress of separation from his owner. Everybody knows that Parrot is extremely paranoid and, after all, will commit acts of misdirection to deflect blame from themselves. When was the last time you heard a Parrot say, “I didn’t see anything”… or “I only had two beers”… Exactly.

It is important in a DUI stop that you maintain composure, don’t incriminate yourself, and ask to speak with your lawyer at the first opportunity. It is also probably a good idea to leave your Parrot at home if you are going out for a night in the town. What is amazing about this story is it is almost a perfect demonstration of the prisoner’s dilemma. Our advice: Nobody talks everybody walks. The only reason the Police want to talk to you is that they don’t have enough evidence to arrest you.

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