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When a Trip to Waffle House Ends in the Awful House — Jail

Waffle House anyone? When is the Waffle House spelled Awful House? At the right time and in the right state of mind—the very early morning and a BAC of around .150—this sort of request can be hard to resist. It’s as if a mixture of beer goggles and sleep deprivation attracts people to Waffle House like a moth to a naked light bulb. Recently, one woman in Winder, Georgia succumbed to this seductive glow of a greasy late-night snack.

On August 4th a large crowd descended on a Waffle House in Winder, reportedly smuggling alcohol into the eatery. When the police arrived, a woman was seen driving around in circles in the parking lot with music so loud she was unable to hear police asking her to turn it down. When the police finally caught her attention, the woman stopped the vehicle and was asked if she had been drinking. She confessed to having had two margaritas and a shot. After field sobriety tests, the woman was arrested and an open 16-ounce can of a margarita-flavored beverage was found in the car. Moral? If you drive DUI to the Waffle House, you might wake up in the Awful House commonly known as Jail.

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