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Winder DUI arrests are up over the past 2 years

On June 24, 2014, reported that DUI arrests are up in Winder, Georgia primarily due to better-trained police officers. Corporal Chris Wigner is primarily responsible for the increased arrests according to the article. Wigner has been recognized by MADD as one of Georgia’s top DUI police officers. This goes to illustrate that DUI arrests are […]

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When a Trip to Waffle House Ends in the Awful House — Jail

Waffle House anyone? When is the Waffle House spelled Awful House? At the right time and in the right state of mind—the very early morning and a BAC of around .150—this sort of request can be hard to resist. It’s as if a mixture of beer goggles and sleep deprivation attracts people to Waffle House […]

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