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State v Holmes – driving down a road late at night not reason for a investigatory stop by Police

State v. Holmes, A13A2164, March 21, 2014.  Travis Holmes was arrested for DUI and had his case thrown out after a motion to suppress the stop in the Cherokee County State Court in Canton, Georgia.  Holmes was essentially stopped for driving on a road late at night after a report of vandalism at some local […]

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Miller v. State, A10A2269, February 2, 2011: Renew your objection to an expert after voir dire

Cherokee DUI Appeal In Miller v. State, A10A2269, Cherokee County DUI jury trial appeal, February 2, 2011:  A Cherokee County jury convicted Kenneth Miller of DUI.  Mr. Miller’s DUI attorney appealed the verdict from Canton, Georgia. He asserts as an appeal that a DUI police officer impermissibly testified to his opinion about whether Mr. Miller […]

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