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State v Barnes – Not not rescinded but rather fair and reasonable

State v. Barnes, A14A1915, Court of Appeals of Georgia, March 27, 2015.  The State appealed the Fayette County State Court’s order suppressing a DUI alcohol breath test result because Barnes’ refusal to take the test was not rescinded.  Barnes was pulled over and, after an investigation including a portable breath result, was arrested for DUI. She […]

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Spragins v. State – when is a one man roadblock legal

Spragins v. State, A13A0941, November 20, 2013. John Spragins has stopped a roadblock in Coweta County and was arrested for DUI.  He appeals arguing that the roadblock was illegal in that vehicles were waived through because there was only one officer available to check them. A Lieutenant verbally instructed officers to conduct a DUI roadblock […]

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COWETA COUNTY STATE COURT: Anonymous Tip – Refusal – Motion to Suppress Denied: Client Found Not Guilty of DUI and Reckless Driving

The client was pulled over on I-85 North in Coweta County after an anonymous report of erratic driving. According to police, our client was drifting in and out of her lane. Her tag lights were dysfunctional as well. When the officer approached the vehicle he detected a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the client’s […]

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Coweta County DUI jail sentence results in a Death Sentence at county jail

Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Coweta County DUI. CBS News recently reported about a Coweta County Misdemeanor DUI Detainee who died in a special restraint chair designed for use at a maximum of 2 hours after 14 hours in a chair in August of 2008. The Misdemeanor detainee, Willie Sutton, Sr., was suffering from extreme […]

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Coweta County, NOT GUILTY on failure to maintain lane and DUI – in 20 minutes

DUI Coweta County, Roscoe Road, Ga Hwy 70, February 13, 2009.  The client was pulled over for allegedly weaving.  Video revealed no weaving.  State Patrol Trooper testified that although the client was speaking in a normal voice, got out of his car normally, and walked normally that he was less safe because he failed an […]

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Don’t mix Ambien with anything: Myers v. State, A10A0106, March 9th, 2010

A Coweta County jury convicted M. Myers of five counts of DUI after a jury trial in Newnan Georgia.  Myers was arrested for DUI after she was pulled over for weaving by Corporal Chris Segrest of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Department.  Corporal Segrest testified that Myers’s speech was slurred, her eyes were glassy, she had […]

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