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COWETA COUNTY STATE COURT: Anonymous Tip – Refusal – Motion to Suppress Denied: Client Found Not Guilty of DUI and Reckless Driving

The client was pulled over on I-85 North in Coweta County after an anonymous report of erratic driving. According to police, our client was drifting in and out of her lane. Her tag lights were dysfunctional as well. When the officer approached the vehicle he detected a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the client’s person. Reportedly, upon exiting the vehicle the client nearly fell over and had trouble following the officer’s orders. The client failed or was unable to complete field sobriety tests. After being arrested, our client refused any further testing and was formally charged with DUI less safe, failure to maintain lane, expired tag, improper tag-light, and reckless driving in Coweta County State Court.

Before trial, a Motion to Suppress Evidence was denied by the court. The Trial strategy was that our client was a student who had not slept in several days while studying for exams and writing a paper. Despite the denial of the motion and the presentation of similar transaction evidence, our client was found Not Guilty of DUI and Reckless Driving, but Guilty of Failure to Maintain Lane, Expired Tag, and Improper Tag-light, which only resulted in a fine.

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