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Masood v. State: Doraville DeKalb County Less Safe DUI – No inconsistent Verdict Rule in Georgia

MASOOD v. THE STATE, A11A2246, Court of Appeals of Georgia, Appealed from DeKalb County State Court, Decatur, Georgia.  The Appellant, Naveed Masood, was stopped for DUI  in Doraville, Georgia.  The Doraville Police Officer testified that Masood straddled two lanes, drifted into a turn lane, made a wide turn, and then swerved.  The Officer initiated a […]

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Doraville Police Officer arrested for DUI in DeKalb County after rear-end accident

Doraville Police Officer Kasey Lindsey was arrested Saturday night on October 8, 2011, after rear-ending another vehicle. According to police records, he failed field sobriety tests, offered his Doraville Badge instead of his Driver’s License,  commenting that this would be their easiest DUI Arrest, admitted to drinking at a Doraville Strip Club, and allegedly blew […]

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