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McAllister v State – Sweeping Implied Consent Under the Rug

McAllister v. State, A13A1897, January 22, 2014. Daniel McAllister was arrested in Cherokee County after encountering a police roadblock. He refused the Deputies’ request for a breath test after reading implied consent rights. The Deputy drove McAllister to the jail where he applied for a warrant from a local magistrate for a blood draw.  The […]

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Spragins v. State – when is a one man roadblock legal

Spragins v. State, A13A0941, November 20, 2013. John Spragins has stopped a roadblock in Coweta County and was arrested for DUI.  He appeals arguing that the roadblock was illegal in that vehicles were waived through because there was only one officer available to check them. A Lieutenant verbally instructed officers to conduct a DUI roadblock […]

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