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The Real Deal George Creal Guarantee

1) Real Deal DUI Lawyers. In a town with too many rookies, you need a DUI lawyer who is the real deal and not a pretender.  George Creal, Jr., P.C. is the real deal.  We are DUI Attorneys with a reputation for winning DUI cases, aggressively defending DUI clients, and leading the State in pushing new and innovative DUI defenses from using Police Training Manuals in cross-examination to being the first DUI Attorneys in the State to have a DUI breath test suppressed for failure to provide full information affirmed by Georgia Appellate Courts.  Our winning record in Jury Trials, in the Appellate Court, and Client Reviews speak for themselves.  As you can see below in our blog, we summarized every new DUI case of interest that is published by the Appellate Courts and track arrest statistics.  Other lawyers review our website to stay current on new cases.  When you are shopping for a DUI lawyer, ask how many DUI jury trials they have won or about the latest appellate case on our site. You might be surprised.  You won’t find us in a seminar, on the radio, or writing books because we are in court.

2) Real Deal Motivation: Referral Driven not Profit-Driven.  We focus on the long term. We are not plea lawyers. We are trial lawyers.  We are not trying to make a quick dollar on the misfortune of others.  Our goal is that at the end of our representation, you will refer us to your friends and family in the event they suffer similar misfortune.  While other lawyers quote low fees for DUI representation, their effective hourly rate is higher simply because they plan to put 1 or 2 hours into your representation.  We are upfront in our estimate that the minimum time to effectively represent someone in a DUI case is at least 10 hours.  Our retainer fees are higher but our effective hourly rates are much lower.

3) Real Deal Value. Our fees are some of the most competitive in the industry for the quality of legal services provided.  We do not advertise on T.V. or the yellow pages because we believe that you should not have to pay for our advertising campaigns.  We do not have offices at the most expensive business address because that does not help you defend your DUI and you should not have to pay for high rent office space.  We will meet you in our office or near your home.  We are frequently in court and can arrange meetings before and after court. Lawyers of our caliber often charge over a $10,000.00 flat fee for a single DUI.  We can represent you for approximately a quarter to a third of that amount.  Every client receives a clear fee contract which is reviewed with the client and given to the client to take home.  A sample is available for review by clicking the pay online tab above.

4) Real Deal Customer Service. We give our email addresses and cell phone numbers. A real person will always answer our phone during business hours. We return our phone calls in a timely manner.  Our office phones are forwarded to an attorney’s cell phone after regular business hours.  We provide multiple payment options both in-office and online as well as payment plans.  We forward all correspondence sent to us by the prosecutor to our client, explain the process and keep our clients fully informed.

5) Real Deal Results. We do not force our clients to plead guilty.  We do not force our clients to go to a jury trial.  We simply thoroughly investigate, review available video evidence and provide the best possible plea negotiations prior to trial.  Through motion hearings to exclude illegal or improperly obtained evidence, we frame the evidence in the best possible light for our clients.  We go over the risks and benefits and let our clients make their own decision.  We won’t scare you into a plea or fool you into a trial.

Unexpected: A Real Deal Case Study.  We had a client who called us ready to plead guilty.  We told him to be patient and let us do our job.  He was in a car accident with a police officer and blew over the legal limit.  Everyone else told him his case was hopeless. We begged to differ.  We investigated the case and went to court and the case was dismissed.  Our client learned that the only unwinnable DUI is the untried DUI.

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