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Internal Affairs Misdirection: DeKalb County Police Commissioner Evades DUI Charge

As reported by 11 Alive News, DeKalb County Police commissioner Stan Watson was visibly drunk and allowed to leave the Tanqueray Lounge on Glenwood Road before returning and requesting that someone drive him home. The commissioner became unruly after accusing a woman of stealing his wallet. An off duty cop working at the lounge attempted to calm the commissioner and wrote in his police report that the commissioner “was in no condition to drive,” but Watson left the lounge anyway and drove off in his car. The cop working at the lounge contacted a superior officer, and soon afterward Watson returned to the parking lot to request that someone drive him home.

Though no “hard” evidence—state-administered tests, field sobriety tests—were obtained to lead to Watson’s DUI arrest, “soft” evidence was abounded. An off-duty officer witnessed Watson drinking and claimed, on the record, that Watson was unruly, visibly drunk, and unfit to drive. To top it off, the off-duty cop saw Watson drive away in these conditions and return to the lounge to be driven home. In our practice, we’ve seen cops arrest people for DUI through calls from anonymous tipsters and minimal speeding or weaving. Currently, Watson is not being investigated for DUI, but there is an Internal Affairs investigation as to which officer allowed him to be DUI. Imagine your friend, colleague, or bartender being arrested for failing to stop you from driving under the influence. This is the type of bizarre logic exhibited in this investigation.

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