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It May Seem Hopeless, But Even a Roadblock DUI Can be Fought!

Roadblocks can be nerve-wracking, especially when attempting to avoid them is grounds for a traffic stop. But there is a flip side to the opportunities for arrest created by police through a roadblock. As established by the Georgia Court of Appeals in Thomas v. State (2005), for an arrest or evidence gathered from a roadblock to be legal it must be approved by a supervisor on the programmatic level. The way in which the roadblock will be conducted must be specified as well. Recently, as reported on, 61 people experienced the benefit of this precedent. The protocol for this particular Tampa roadblock called for every third car to be stopped. A video of the checkpoint showed that police were stopping more than every third car, therefore the arrests from the roadblock were dismissed. No matter what the circumstances of the arrest, there are always opportunities for a strong defense. The difference between a good DUI attorney and a great DUI attorney is that a great attorney seizes on every available opportunity.

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