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Ohio Judges declares the Intoxilyzer 8000 aka the Inflatilyzer 8000 as unscientific

August 21, 2013. WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio reports that Judge Rules Breath-Alcohol Machine Unscientific, Court Cases In Jeopardy. After hearing over a week of testimony from Defense and State experts the Court found that in its role as the gatekeeper of scientific evidence under the Daubert standard (used in Federal Court and civil but not criminal cases in Georgia) that the Intoxilyzer 8000 manufactured by CMI, Inc. is unscientific and not admissible in Court as competent evidence. The Court found that the Intoxilyzer is junk science which is what the Daubert standard is designed to keep out. The primary issue addressed by the court was the fact that DUI Police Officers operating the machine can manipulate the result by having the unwitting DUI suspect blow longer than is necessary. The machine doesn’t turn off. The officer could tell you to continue to blow, and he can get up above a .08

– Authored by George C. Creal, Jr.

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